September 1, 2021

A celebration of beautiful lighting projects, the very first DMF Design Awards featured dozens of entries showcasing some of the best DMF Lighting applications from across the country.

Projects competed in five different categories, with one Grand Prize Winner selected from the Category Winners. Our esteemed judges reviewed the entries based on four criteria (Lighting Application, Lighting Creativity, Photography and Project Summary) and their composite score was used to determine the winner.

The winners of the 2021 DMF Design Awards:




Best Commercial Lighting Application

Submission: Rachel Levy Designs
Project: Politan Row
Location: Atlanta, GA

Product(s): DCD3 Higher-Lumen Fixed Downlight, DRD2 Fixed Downlight with Warm Dim, OneFrame

Congratulations Rachel Levy designs!

The 2021 DMF Design Award Grand Prize goes to the Levy design team for their work on Politan Row, a chef-driven food hall built specifically for Midtown Atlanta. The project features a variety of open air spaces and is energized from day to night, providing unique lighting challenges. Judges were impressed with the creative use of layered lighting and Warm Dim to address these needs.

“DMF’s Warm Dim is wonderful for an environment that needs to be bright and slightly cooler during the daytime, yet, needs to easily transform into a warmer, romantic space space in evenings. Additionally, I love their clean lines, even fields, ease in which to install, and competitive price point!”

– Rachel Levy
Lighting Designer



Best Residential Lighting Application

Submission: Illuminated Design
Project: Pelican Bay Residence

Location: Naples, FL
Product(s): DRD2 Fixed Downlight, OneFrame Concrete


Best Accent and/or Task Lighting Application

Submission: Colina West
 Simi Estiatorio

Location: Austin, TX
Product(s): DRD2 Fixed Downlight, DRD4 Adjustable Downlight, DCCX Cylinder


Best DCC Cylinder Application

Submission: Service Tech
Project: Britt Design Group

Location: Austin, TX
Product(s): DCC2 Cylinder, DCC4 Adjustable Cylinder


Best Multiple DMF Products Application

Submission: Premium Digital Control & Automation
Project: Ritz-Carlton Residences
Location: Sunny Isles Beach, FL
Product(s): DRD4 Adjustable Downlight with Warm Dim, DCC4 Adjustable Cylinder, DRD5S Surface Mount


to all the winners!


Thank you to all those who participated. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more from these incredible projects very soon.

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August 11, 2021

At DMF, we pride ourselves on engineering and improving every aspect of the fixture. From lighting performance to ease of maintenance and everything in between, this philosophy permeates every aspect of our design.

Our latest innovation is a completely re-designed bar hanger system. An often neglected aspect of lighting fixtures, bar hangers have remained largely unchained — but we spoke with the top electrical engineers in the country to discuss common issues they experience when installing housings. We took this information and re-thought every aspect of the bar hangers.

The result, an all-new bar hanger system that’s sturdier, simpler to install and more compatible than ever.

Eliminate Sag

The first thing you’ll notice about the new bar hangers is that it eliminates the traditional four independent connecting ends. Instead, we engineered a cross brace that connects the ends of the two bars, essentially turning them into one rigid unit. The bar hanger system is so strong it can even provide structural stability with just one side mounted in with a single screw.

Stability is increased further by a completely re-designed railing, which utilizes an innovative S-shaped interlocking system that increases the surface area of where the sliding rails meet. This increased strength results in bar hangers that lock tighter and won’t shift, preventing against trim sag even when fully extended to 24″.

The new bar hanger system can withstand weights of 200 pounds

And combining the new bar hangers with our signature adjustable housing depth and secure Twist and Lock Technology, flush trim installations become easier and light has nowhere to escape.

Work smarter

The new bar hanger system features a host of unique updates that make installation faster and easier. Here is everything, big and small, that makes them easier to mount.

  • Reinforced bar hangers can hold the entire housing in place after just one mounting point so the contractor no longer has to hold the housing while mounting four separate ends
  • Fewer mounting points — the entire bar hanger system can install with as few as two screws or nails

  • Pre-installed screws replace the previously included nails for quicker installs

  • Angled Locking Screw allows for easy tightening from below the housing

Installs Anywhere

Not only are the bar hangers more stable and easier to install, they’re also compatible with more applications. The cross brace features a re-designed ledge and nine different mounting points for installation in any of the following:

  • Hat channel
  • T-bar
  • C-channel
  • Laminated Wood
  • Quick-Span
  • I-Beam
  • Standard Joist
  • Concrete Pour Application


Always Evolving

Re-thinking every detail of  the bar hangers may sound excessive. And some of the updates may sound minor, but it’s this attention to detail that drives DMF Lighting to continue to innovate — even in areas you may never have considered.

The new bar hangers are available now for the DRD Series with all non-classic DMF housings, including the OneFrame and SquareFrame.

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June 24, 2021

To ensure the next generation DRD Series stands up to the challenges of even the most extreme environments, we put it to the test. The modules endured hundreds of surge spikes and continuously ran in ambient environments of excessive temperatures. This high level of stress tests ensures maximum reliability.


Passing with Flying Colors

A combination of third party and in-house labs conducted the testing. No matter where it was done, the results were the same. The DRD Series passed with no hiccups or lumen degradation — exceeding the LM-84 standard.

  • Elevated ambient operation at 80°C (176°F) for over 700 hours
  • Thermal cycled between -10°C to 80°C (14°F to 176°F)
  • Extended operation at high levels of humidity
  • Power cycled over 10,000 times at voltage extremes 100VAC and 300VAC
  • Lightning strike immunity per IEC 61000-4-5 Class 3


Bulletproof Design and Reliability

How did DMF achieve such reliable results? By controlling nearly every aspect of the module. Our in-house team of engineers designed the components to ensure flawless integration and optimal performance.

Learn more about the DRD Series.

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June 16, 2021

Here’s a breakdown of all the major updates and enhancements for the next generation DRD2 Fixed Downlight.

The O1 Driver: Integrated 0-10V Dimming

Engineered in-house specifically for the next generation DRD Series, our O1 Driver provides the DRD downlights with smooth, flicker-free 0-10V dimming, fully integrated into the LED module. Combined with our T2 triac/ELV driver, our new drivers make design, installation, and maintenance simpler than ever.


Precise Control, Ultimate Flexibility

The next generation DRD Series is engineered for ultimate flexibility. Select from a host of new optics ranging from 15 to 90+ degrees to ensure the ideal light distribution for any space. These tool-free, field-changeable optics easily handle any design changes, even post-installation.


Brilliant performance

The DRD2 increases its illumination without sacrificing stellar efficiency or color rendering performance. The new 1250 lm option allows the DRD Series to conquer even more lighting specs, including higher ceilings and detailed work areas.

Learn more about the DRD Series.

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June 14, 2021

Engineered in-house specifically for the next generation DRD Series, our O1 Driver provides the DRD downlights with smooth, flicker-free 0-10V dimming, fully integrated into the LED module. This high-performance solution in a compact form factor simplifies design, installation, and maintenance.


Things Change

Projects change and evolve at every stage. Traditionally, the light fixture’s 0-10V driver sits on a shelf on the housing. With other manufacturers, once housings are installed, lumen package and dimming protocol are locked in. Ripping open the ceiling and completely replacing the fixture may be required to make design changes.

Our DRD modules, with either the integrated O1 0-10V or T2 triac/ELV driver, make change orders a breeze. Because the driver lives inside the module’s heat sink, and is not remotely mounted, all changes can be done from below the ceiling plane. Install either our round OneFrame or SquareFrame housing at rough-in, and determine your dimming protocol, lumen package and beam angles later.


Mis-Orders Happen

Perhaps TRIAC/ELV was ordered when a 0-10V solution was truly needed. Because the driver is fully integrated into the module, the dimming type and lumen package are not determined by the housing. Swapping between triac/ELV and 0-10V is as simple as changing a light bulb. With quick connects used in both dimming types, this solution truly is plug and play.

Once installed, any maintenance to the driver or the fixture is done from below the ceiling plane. No need to rip open the ceiling, fish for the driver, replace the complete fixture, patch or paint. If the fixture needs to be replaced, simply twist and unlock the trim, unscrew two Philips Head screws, unplug the module and make the swap.

The DRD Series covers 98% of downlight use cases in one product family with either the O1 0-10V  or T2 triac/ELV driver, fixed or adjustable module, tool-free field-changeable beam angles from 15° to 90°+ and 750, 1000 or 1250 lumen options.

No matter the project stage, the modularity of the next generation DRD Series and DMF designed integrated drivers simplifies specification, installation and maintenance.

The O1 and T2 Drivers are available in our next generation DRD2 Fixed and DRD4 Adjustable Downlights.

Learn more about the DRD Series.

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June 7, 2021

We’ve stayed up for hours, so you don’t have to

The next generation DRD Series is engineered for ultimate flexibility. Write fixture schedules with ease using a single housing. This versatile solution can keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of your projects.

A single family can support 98% of downlighting use cases.

  • Fixed, adjustable, or wall wash downlighting
  • 750 to 1250 lumen output
  • Field-changeable beam angles from 15 to 90+ degrees
  • Integrated 1% dimming with TRIAC/ELV or 0-10V
  • A range of color temperatures including Warm Dim

Learn more about the DRD Series

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January 8, 2021

2020 PIA Award Winner

The DCD Series follows up its 2020 LFI Innovation Award with another prestigious accolade, a 2020 Product Innovation Award.

Now in their tenth year, the PIA celebrates the latest advancements and achievements in lighting. Presented by Architectural SSL, the judging panel recognized the DCD Series in the Downlight category, praising how it simplifies the installation process with its breadth of modular features.


“Finally! A downlight for all applications. A designer’s dream come true. Love the ‘one-stop shopping’ mentality for creating this design sensitive fixture. I really appreciate the flexibility, (spot lights, wide angles, etc.) within the same housing. From the design aesthetics point of view, it allows for consistent and uniform grid of downlights while they can have different functions. And options for changing the type of heads without removing the entire fixture is definitely an added bonus and adds flexibility if the space changes.”

Modular Downlight

The DCD Series downlighting system is flexible enough to illuminate your whole project with a broad range of light and aesthetics options, all with just one housing. Select from either a General or Adjustable module, and pair it with a beautifully finished trim to create exactly the results you’re looking for. The DCD Series makes it all simple with precision-crafted, inter-operable components.

The DCD Series is literally whatever you want it to be, as its flexibility radically simplifies configuration in the field. With just one housing type, it allows for adjustment of beam angles; increased light output; driver service—all without tools.


Learn more about the award winning DCD Series Higher Lumen Downlight.

Architectural SSL Magazine, November – December 2020


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November 5, 2020

With a bezel-less design, ultra-thin form factor and durable finish, the S Series is striking yet affordable for even the most budget conscious builder. It matches the aesthetic of a high-end recessed downlight while retaining the economy of a surface mount.

But make no mistake, the S Series is not all about looks. It produces class-leading exceptional lighting as well. Here are the top five reasons why the S Series outperforms other surface mount LEDs.


1) Uniform Illumination

Featuring a precisely optimized array of over 100 LEDs, the backlit S Series delivers smooth, uniform illumination with no visible fasteners. The LEDs are expertly engineered to evenly illuminate the specialized lens edge-to-edge, leaving no hint of hot or dark spots to distract the eye.


2) Reduced Glare

Since the light source is completely visible for all surface mounts, they are susceptible to producing a large amount of glare that detracts from the rest of the room. The S Series combats this with a specialized lens that transmits clear, consistent light with a subtle diffusion to minimize glare even at full light output.


3) Accurate Color Representation

With a 90+ CRI rating, the S Series matches the color rendering capabilities of most premium recessed downlights. This ensures a more accurate color representation so objects don’t appear to be a different shade during day and night.


4) Smooth Dimming

Compatible with either TRIAC/ELV or 0-10V dimming controls, the S Series is powered by DMF’s proprietary driver. It provides flicker-free, smooth dimming down to 1% light output.


5) Disappears Into the Ceiling

The primary function of any surface mount is to mimic more expensive recessed fixtures, blending into its surface to create a “quiet ceiling”. While others are close, the S Series excels at this through its combination of glare mitigation, uniform illumination, bezel-less design and slimmest in class design. It’s truly in a class of its own with a disappearing act that leaves the competition behind.



DMF designs products that perform beautifully and are intuitively simple. The S Series epitomizes this, offering incredible lighting capabilities at an unbeatable price point. That’s because we understand that light is more than illumination; light is what makes a space beautiful, useful, and, ultimately, enjoyable.

Learn more about the S Series Surface Mount LED.


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October 13, 2020

Next up in our continuing series of expert-hosted video training, the recently announced DID Series — the light designed to evolve with your every need.

Available in limited supply this winter, every element of the DID Series is engineered to be interchangeable in the field. Our signature modular design allows the DID to adapt to changing homeowner preferences, future room designs, even retrofits. 

It’s also our best performing fixture ever and designed exclusively for home integrators.

DID Series Training

Go to our training page and use the Custom Webinar form to request a training session.



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August 4, 2020

Properly lighting a room requires more than just picking a few bulbs to screw in. Of course, using any general light bulb will sufficiently illuminate an area so you can see. But what if you want to highlight an accent wall? Or need an area to relax or work? That requires lighting design. And today, lighting design lives in three distinct layers: Ambient, Task, and Accent Lighting. All three of which can be achieved using a combination of versatile DMF downlights.

DRD2: Ambient Lighting

Also called General Lighting, the ambient layer provides the illumination required for occupants to see the space in its entirety. Most often, this layer is constructed through recessed downlighting and the DRD2 excels at it. With it’s wide beam angle and shadow-less illumination, the DRD2 makes spaces feel secure and inviting.

DRD2X: Task Lighting

Once the ambient layer sufficiently illuminates the space, use the task layer to enhance function of specific areas. In an office, this might be the desk workspace. In a kitchen, task lighting illuminates cooking surfaces or countertops. This requires a light source with a high center beam candlepower value, like the Apex Series DRD2X. Plus, its controlled optics produce tighter beamer angles, making it a great spotlight over surfaces like work tables.

For higher ceilings, the DCC Cylinder, which suspends from the ceiling, is another option for ensuring the light is focused and makes it to the desired surface.

With both the ambient and task layer in place, any room should be fully functional for its intended purpose. The final layer will take the functional bases of the ambient and task layers and add artistry and style.

DRD4: Accent Lighting

The accent layer adds a decorative finish by complimenting the other two layers and highlighting architectural features like columns, floral arrangements, and wall art. This layer is the most subjective of the three but offers the most opportunity for artistic influence. A great lighting designer can use the accent layer to blend the other two and tie the space together.

The natural fit in this layer is the DRD4 Adjustable Downlight, which pivots smoothly and locks in place to perfectly illuminate the features of the room.

Tying it All Together

Depending on the usage of the space, a room’s lighting needs may change throughout the day. To achieve this, lighting layers must work in conjunction with each other, but also independently of one another.

Lights off and shades up in the middle of the day. Task lighting at the work station in the late afternoon. Dimmed ambient lighting with contrast accent lighting to relax in the evening. You can automate all these settings with a keypad control, creating different scenes and a room with multiple zones of light at different light levels.

Modular Lighting

Laying out a space with different light sources in different areas to achieve unique lighting effects while interfacing with a specific control system may seem like a daunting proposition, but DMF’s award winning modular systems are up to the task. Compatible with three LED modules, each interchangeable during and after installation, allows your lighting to easily adapt to changing owner preferences and future room redesigns.

Modular lighting reaffirm our commitment to designing products that perform beautifully and are intuitively simple.

Learn more about the benefits of modular lighting.


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