May 3, 2018

The award winning OneFrame was the first of its kind – a revolutionary LED housing created with multifamily construction in mind. Now, the OneFrame System expands on that, representing the culmination of decades of engineering experience. We’ve added new LED modules and features that all work together to give you more options and control.

A modular system that puts you in control

Built on the foundation of our award-winning OneFrame housing, the system is truly modular. That means it’s simpler to specify, install, and maintain. What’s more, our new light engines and trims allow you to adapt to changing needs without renovations, putting you in complete control of your light.

Game-changing versatility

The new additions to the OneFrame System allow you to create diverse types of layered light without locking you in to a particular design. By swapping out our modular components, you can radically alter your light. That means the people who inhabit your space get just the right light, even if their needs change.

Using different combinations of the DRD2, DRD2X or DRD4 LED modules with the OneFrame trims, you can achieve general, wall wash, spot, narrow flood, flood or accent lighting. All while utilizing the same system.

A perfect match for your project

Whatever your project, DMF has trims that can integrate seamlessly into the broader design. Built from die-cast aluminium, our trims are completely customizable by color, finish, shape, and function. They can blend in, or stand out, depending on your vision. And just like the rest of the DMF system, they’re exceptionally easy to install or change.

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